Shura (bakatashi) wrote in gravity_rating,

"Your voice is annoying!"

Name: Peni
Alias:Mace Windu or bakatashi
Likes:angels, asian music, bishounen, chichiri, elves, fushigi yuugi, gravitation, gundam wing, heavy metal, hotohori, jedi, juventus, lord of the rings, loveless, magic, muraki, nuriko, queen, saint seiya, shinichiro miki, sho hayami, soubi, star trek, star wars, takehito koyasu, tasuki, tatsumi, tomokazu seki, tsuzuki, yami no matsuei,Tolkien, myths, legends; fantasy; beautiful and elegant things, astronomy.
Dislikes:I dislike the most lies and being humiliated.
Strengths:I'm honest ,I can keep secrets and I protect people who are important to me /time to time even people I don't know/.
Weaknesses:I get angry very easy аnd changing my mood easy

Favorite Color:blue
Favorite Music Genre:ethno, heavy metal, rock
Favorite Film Genre:fantastic, adventure, science fiction
Special Talent(s): I don't know - I am a good listener /so my best friends says/ and I'm singing in a choir.
Aspirations and Dreams:To be a good person

Uke or Seme?:Depend of situation.
Sex or Love?:Both
Optimist or Pessimist?:Realist :)
Impulse or Logic?:Depend.
Independent or Needy?:Independent
Silent or Talkative?:Both

Who is your favorite character from Gravitation? Why?:I can say that I love/like everyone for something...All of them are absolutely adorable in their own ways.
Who is your least favorite character? Why?: I don't have.

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protective, and you change your mood very easily...
I'd say Seguchi...
интересно - bakatashi