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Name: Lady Lamb
Alias: Lamb
Age: 14 - I'll be 15 in about four months

Likes: Yami no Matsuei, Gravitation, Chobits, Chii, my friends, manga, drawing, singing, walking in the rain, sleeping, eating chocolate, playing with my dog, writing letters, cheering people up, crying, taking showers, playing with kids (or just playing in general), and getting hugs.

Dislikes: headaches, heights, when people are mad at me, small spaces, 'holier-than-thou' bastards, homo-phobes, hypocrites, big crowds.


I'm a good artist, and author; I'm good at expressing myself through a wide variety of tangible mediums, which is good because there's alot the I have to express. I'm a very emotional person, and I'm compassionate about everything I do have an opinion on.

The fact that I am as emotional as I am has alot to do with my sense of empathy, which is very strong, alot moreso than the average person. I'm very good at seeing things through another person's eyes and cuing into that, and I've been told I give very good advice, I'm wise beyond my years, and that I'm easy to talk to.

This may be because I myself talk alot. I love to talk and I love to laugh, evenif it's in front of alot of people. I'm very familiar even with people I hardly know, just because I tend to trust very easily.


Because I trust so easily, I'm really gullible. People make fun of me alot, and as emotional as I am this really hurts. In addition, I tend to overreact over small things, which sometimes limits my ability to be useful.

I'm talkative and energetic because I'm an attention-hog. If all eyes aren't on me, I get really upset, and sometimes totally humiliate myself because of my jealousy, even of close friends of mine, just because the focus is taken off of me.

In addition to being an attention-hog, I hate it when I am not the best. I am extremely competitive, which makes me a very hard worker when it comes right down to it in the things I love to do. But I'm so easily upset that when things do not go may way I have the tendancy to just quit so that I won't have to deal with it any more.

Favorite Color: Black, because it has so much definition.
Favorite Music Genre: Alternative rock.
Favorite Film Genre: Romance, or comedy.

Special Talent(s): As previously stated, I am a very good artist, and empathetic counselor.

Aspirations and Dreams:

To be happy. Yeah, for me, it really is that simple...which is probably why I'm so madly in love with CLAMP's Chobits series. Of course, I invision ways to make myself happy, which include me becoming a famous mangaka in Japan with a bi-sexual Asian husband.

Uke or Seme?:

It all depends, really. I act very differently around certain groups of people - I usually adjust dependent on my partner. I'm a very outgoing person, certainly, so taking charge isn't something I'll ever mind doing. But based on whoever it is, I could be different.

Sex or Love?:

Love. Always. I'm not too eager to engage in anything sexual, just yet. This by no means is meant to suggest that I will stay absinent my entire life, or avoid sexual relationships in the future; it simply means that love comes first for me.

The song "Love is Like Oxygen" pretty much defines my life - I'm very dependent on other people for emotional support, simply because mine arc so fiercely, so often. Any relationships I have with people are gradual, even when it comes to friends. I need to know what we're both comfortable, what we're like as humans, what are interests are.

If lust is all I can feel for something, then I feel shallow and the relationship deteriorates. I don't want a relationship based on what I am biologically programmed to do - I want one based on the mental stimulus that I need in order to keep living.

Optimist or Pessimist?:

Realistic, swinging in either direction dependent upon my emotional standing at the time. I have a tendancy to be brutally honest when it comes to the ways of the world - the glass has something in it, so you should be grateful.

Impulse or Logic?:

Impulse, every time. I don't even think before I speak, so how can I think before I act? Usually I'll think about it afterwards, but if I feel a certain way about something - anything - I act upon that feeling without hesitation.

Independent or Needy?:

I'm a very needy, clingy person. I couldn't go a day without touching someone, simply because it would kill me. I love getting hugs and being cuddled.

Silent or Talkative?:

Very talkative. -sweatdrop- I know when I'm overdoing it, atleast...but that rarely affects anything.

Who is your favorite character from Gravitation? Why?:

I LOVE SHUICHI MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. I mean, we're just so similar in the way we do things...and he's so cute! All that energy and emotion and randomness - he cheers me right up if I'm having a bad day. I wish I could give him advice sometimes, though...which is why I love Hiro too.

Who is your least favorite character? Why?:

Although it's hard for me to dislike anyone from Gravitation, Taki should die. Well, not die. What Tohma did was a little...extreme. But raping people is bad. So I think it's good Yuki beat his ass.

I don't know whether or not to like Tohma, though, either...he gives me the willies sometimes. He so deceptive, so two-faced...I just don't know what to think of him, because I can never tell if he's on our side or not.
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